The Best Baby High Chair Buying Guide For UK

Want to keep your baby entertained and safe at feeding times or at the times when you are busy? How about a booster chair that comes with a collection of fun toys? Have a look at the features of one of the best options of this kind available in the market – Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care Booster Seat.

Good quality product

baby high chair in UKIt’s a convenient, comfortable and durable seat that features a rainforest try insert that will fit right into the accompanying eating tray and allow your baby to have fun while you are dining out or preparing meals. It’s really well-made with good quality material that’s also quite lightweight.

Offers a fun way to take care of your baby

It comes with interactive, fun toys that the snap onto the feeding tray – trees, frog, parrot, monkey, geckos and other rainforest creators engage your babies imagination with lots of action and many bright colors. Your baby can spend a long time playing with the toys, without troubling you for anything. This will extend the time that your baby happily spends at the table with your family. If you are living in UK, then this website may help you in choosing the right baby high chair for you.

Easy to use and clean

When it’s time to feed, just a snap the toy-tray off the feeding-tray. The seat is quite easy to clean, since it doesn’t have any seams or crevices to trap crumbs.


A three-point harness holds your child securely in the right position in the seat. Needless to say, it’s a nice way to keep active babies occupied safely, while you try to get other things done.


best high chair 2016To start, there are about three different types of portable high-chairs available currently on the market that can be used on the go: Wraps, Hook Ons, and Booster Seats.  Wraps and Hooks-Ons can be used once your child has begun to sit without any help, usually about six months at which point your baby most likely be sitting in a real chair. Boosters, however, may be used beginning at twelve months, once your child has really developed solid core strength up to a max weight of 20kgs. For added portability, the seat back can be nested, and the chair straps can work as a shoulder-strap.

In addition to that, the adjustable rear and front straps properly attach it to just about any chair, which makes it nice option for the purpose of restaurant dining. There’s also a handle for your hand at the back of the seat. These features let you to take the chair wherever you go. It can be folded into a good, travel friendly bundle for carrying it around in your car when visiting friends, relatives, etc

Booster seat

Not just that, it works amazingly as a booster seat and this seat can actually grow with your child. As your child keeps growing, the feature of three seat heights, removable seat back and adjustable harness become very useful.

Choosing The Right High Chair For Your Child

Plain and simple, Boosters are easy. Whether you’re heading on holidays or just for a day trip, a portable mealtime seat can help simplify feeding on the go. When our kids were younger, we took the First Years Go Anywhere Travel Booster Seat with us on our Asian adventures. Functional and elegant in style, pod clips neatly to most table-tops measuring between .71″ and 1.8″ without taking up excess room – perfect for a kitchen counter. They may begin at 12 months coinciding with strong core development and will fit on almost all dining chairs by strapping around the back and underneath the chair.

Travel highchairs
portable highchairBalancing a wiggly baby or active toddler on your lap doesn’t always result in the easiest eating experience… for you or your child! In Asia, highchairs are not readily available and if they are, they are actual high chairs… like chairs that are high with no restraints. The neat and robust aluminum clamp secures to a picnic bench for lunch outdoors, Nana’s dining table, or is suitable as a permanent highchair solution at home. As such, they can be used just about anywhere, except for a restaurant booth. Hook-on high chairs are fairly self-explanatory, but they’re chairs that simply clip onto the table through the arms.

Fabric High Chairs
Being able to insert our own travel chair made life so much easier and safer. A great portable high chair will share some common traits with bigger full-size models though. And, if used at home, you can typically slide the chair with the booster seat attached under the table for less clutter when not in use. The child is locked in carefully and securely, but it also takes up minimal space and room. When our kids were under 2, this accessory probably got the most use of all the baby gear we took with us.

Safety And Cleaning
Safety, durability, and cleanability are universally important. Weight limit is 50 lbs. The baby is half under the table because of the way the high chair is designed, so it’s perfect for restaurants, family events, or any time you quickly need to snap a high chair together because there aren’t any available. The Graco Ready2Dine High Chair and Portable Booster is designed for families on-the-go. If you’re wrapping up dinner at a restaurant, parents won’t want to spend 15 minutes scrubbing off bits of leftover food from their baby’s seat.

There are many kinds of portable highchairs out there that come in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors. This 2-in-1 chair converts from a high chair to a booster when your child is ready. They want to pay, go, and take the seat easily with them to clean at home or wipe down quickly. To ensure that you’re getting the performance that you want, it’s a great idea to explore what’s out there, research which chairs are most popular, and understand the beneficial features that they provide. The booster folds with a convenient carry handle for portability. A great portable seat is made of durable, easy-to-clean fabrics or plastics, without too many crevices to catch fallen foods. We’ll explore the favorites, discuss their design elements, and help you to narrow down your search.

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