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We do a lot of portable external hard drive reviews but we’ve never really looked for the most portable external hard drive for Mac in India before. Every external hard drive is portable of course but we’re talking real portability like “keep your hard drive in your back pocket” kind of portable. If you’ve ever had the urge to carry a hard drive around in your pocket take a look at our most portable external hard drive for Mac.

Now before I mention anything else I want to make this pretty clear. Almost every hard drive we’ve reviewed on the best external hard drive in India site are portable. Some of the higher rated ones like this one are portable. You can carry them around with your laptop or in your bag. Most of them (the one I just linked to included) you can keep in your pocket. For real quality in a portable package we’d normally suggest going with a hard drive like that. You’re still going to be able to carry it around, and you’re getting the usual great quality.External hard drive Mac India

Portable External Hard Drive for Mac Features

However. If, for whatever reason, you want the best portable external hard drive for mac and we’re talking *really portable* then there’s a few things you should look for.

  • Size and weight (obviously).
  • Compatibility with the Apple Mac (always).
  • Durability (there’s no point getting a portable hard drive which is just going to break).
  • USB powered (an external hard drive isn’t portable if you need to plug it into the wall socket).
  • Avoid stands. I generally don’t like external hard drives with stands because there’s a risk of them falling and causing damage but the most portable external hard drive for mac will sit flat.
Now for Mac compatibility that’s easy – any of the external hard drives on the site. Durability is easy again – we don’t suggest hard drives which are known to fail often (and trust me there’s a lot of them around). Stands are easy to spot as well – just look at the picture and see if there’s a stand holding it up.
So all you need is something USB powered and small in size. Now the best portable external hard drive is most certainly not a USB flash drive. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve broken a lot of external hard drives in my time (I dropped my old 320gb external hard drive off the roof once by accident) but I’ve broken so many flash drives it’s not even funny. Most flash drives are evil, temperamental devices bent on taking your data and then breaking itself so you waste your money, waste your time and lose your data.
Most USB flash drives are bad. Most are so terrible and break so easily they should be avoided like the plague.
Most, not all.
External hard drive 2017
I’ve been forced to concede recently that there are some that are actually a viable choice. Now they won’t replace hard drives for quality. For the same price you can get a much better external hard drive with more speed and capacity (again like this one) but if you want the most portable external hard drives for Mac then consider using a good quality flash drive like this one. The difference between this and a normal flash drive is it’s actually built to withstand a bit of a bashing, while most flash drives won’t even withstand someone looking at them too much.
It’s got a retractable design to protect the USB connection and a rubber coated housing. Best of all you’re getting a lifetime warranty and it’s still faster than other flash drives. The downside is you’re paying about the same price as you would for a full external hard drive for Mac and you’re only getting a 64GB capacity (which is still huge for a flash drive). Now this might be enough for some people, I mean that’s enough for me to back up all my music and work files on a flash drive. But it really depends on what your needs are.  If you need more – go with a normal external hard drive because it’ll still be plenty portable.
I’m not trying to talk you out of  looking for a portable external hard drive. There’s just plenty you can use without going this small but if you’re going to go this small – at least get something worth getting. Here’s some of the things other people have said about the ‘Patriot Xporter’

Get the Most Portable External Hard Drive for Mac

For full details on the Patriot or to get it at a great price (at the time this review was done it was about 40% off but prices change a lot so I don’t want to tell you it’s once price just for it to change) check it out on Amazon here. Just do yourself a favor and don’t get one of those cheap low quality flash drives they have as well. If you don’t like the look of that one and still want a portable external hard drive for Mac then pick one from the list at the top right of this page.

External hard drive buying guide for Indian User

The external hard drive has become synonymous with the use of both desktop and portable computers. Generally, external digital storage devices are becoming lighter and more compact. Storage capacity in external HDDs can range from about 2GB to 4TB. The price of external hard disk drives has fallen sharply thanks to a highly competitive storage market which has forced manufacturers to come up with novel ways of “packaging” dumb hard drive into smarter, albeit more expensive, storage appliances. Digital media storage is important for those who have a large amount of personal files, whether for personal or business use.

Nevertheless, customers should assess the type of hard drive they need based on whether their intended use is mobile or stationary, high security, multiple computer data networking, or personal use. In fact, some drive companies put two 4TB drives in one chassis, creating an 8TB HDD, which is total overkill for most people. Even some of the more recent models of Mac computers still use USB 2 ports so the data transfer speed is not as fast as it could be. Hard drive speed can be roughly estimated by the drive’s RPMs (rotations per minute). 7,200 RPM drives tend to be faster than 5,400 RPM drives. 10K RPM drives are even faster, as are hybrid drives and SSD drives. The list below outlines some important considerations for shoppers to think about before they choose.

For reference, computers these days usually come with anywhere between about 250GB and 750GB of space in the hard drive. However, that being so, this device can still transfer data a lot quicker than my previous external hard drive which was a Lacie, USB 2, 320GB external hard drive. Theoretically, the faster the drive, the faster games will install, load, and save. My advice: purchase your drive with a specific purpose in mind. Some drives just act as storage boxes; they’ll hold your data and nothing more. If you’re backing up precious photos, home videos, or important files, buy a name brand, desktop-sized hard drive from a company with a track record of reliability, and pay a little more for it. Others provide some measure of extra security, whether it’s automatic backup or file retrieval. It doesn’t really matter how the drive looks, just that it will work for a long time.


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