Treating High Blood Pressure in UK 2016

If it is not treated properly, hypertension can seriously damage your arteries and your heart, and it can also have a negative impact on your kidneys and your brain.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can lower your blood pressure without having to worry about the possible side effects of medications and supplements.

Here you will find 5 simple and effective tips that will help you do so:

1. Reduce Your Daily Salt Intake

Increased salt consumption is one of the main causes of hypertension, this is why it is important to consume as little salt as possible.

In addition, replace the traditional bread (which usually contains high amounts of salt) with low-salt bread: it is healthier and sometimes it tastes even better.

After all, it is better to prevent hypertension than to treat it!

2. Dark Chocolate And Its Benefits

Dark chocolate is renowned not only for its great taste, but for its numerous health benefits as well.

As a matter of fact, dark chocolate can even fight hypertension naturally, given its high content of flavoinoids that increase the elasticity of blood vessels, thus reducing blood pressure.

Nonetheless, you must limit your intake of dark chocolate (do not exceed 10-15 grams/day).

3. Lose Weight

Another common cause of hypertension is obesity.

Obesity is known for causing a wide range of potentially fatal diseases, from cancer to heart disease and diabetes.

If you lose some weight, you will not only reduce your blood pressure but you will also lower your risks for the above-mentioned diseases.

A balanced, low-calorie and low-fat diet coupled with regular physical exercises will help you get rid of excess pounds and maintain a stable, healthy weight in the long term.

4. Opt For Decaffeinated Coffee

Coffee can be of great help for those with low blood pressure, but it can be a real danger for people who suffer from hypertension.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to switch to decaffeinated coffee to protect your heart and your blood vessels.

Caffeine is known for tightening blood vessels, and this raises blood pressure throughout the day.

5. Work Out On A Regular Basis

As doctors suggest, we should be moderately active for half an hour each day – this will lower blood pressure, it will help you shed excess weight and it will also protect your heart in the future.

However, you do not have to exhaust yourself at the gym – you can also walk a bit faster than you normally would, for approximately 30 minutes.

Moreover, practicing sports will also help you relieve the stress and tension.

To sum up, these 5 useful tips can help you lower blood pressure in a natural way, without using any medication that may have side effects.

If you adopt a healthy diet and you change your lifestyle, you will prevent hypertension and its possible implications in the long run.

Digital Blood pressure monitors in UK

Digital blood pressure machines are clearly taking over. This is because they are designed with better technology that is defining efficiency and convenience. Digital blood pressure machines are hassle free and easy to use no matter where you are. The following is just a description of what these digital machines are made of and how they work. Omron Healthcare has been on the forefront to provide new technology with regard to blood pressure machines. In the market, they have a wide range of machines that have been fitted with their signature technology called IntelliSense. It is a technology that has greatly changed the way that blood pressure is monitored for the better. You can check out some top blood pressure monitors in UK here.

How blood pressure monitor works

In a nutshell, many digital blood pressure machines will just require you to wrap the cuff around your arm and you are done. The digital blood pressure machine will do the rest of the work for you. Through the digital screen, the pressure and pulse results will be displayed within seconds. This digital technology has been used to produce many home blood pressure machines and this convenience can definitely be enjoyed by all people no matter where they are. Measuring or monitoring your blood pressure is becoming increasingly vital. Doctors and other experts in the field have echoed the fact that home monitoring of pressure is the most accurate and should be encouraged.
blood pressure monitor UK 2016
With digital blood pressure machines, you will be in a position to avoid two things. First, you can be sure that there will not be any arm discomfort. The other thing is that accuracy is guaranteed. This is because the technology has been tested. Digital blood pressure machines with IntelliSense technology can be trusted to offer services that are undisputed. The machines come with easy cuff and wrap fits. There are different varieties in brands when it comes to these machines and when you wish to buy one, make sure to look at specifications.

Digital blood pressure machines are helpful. Knowing your blood pressure can save your life. This is because you will detect problems early enough. High blood pressure or very low blood pressure is fatal. If you have high blood pressure, you will be hypertensive. This condition will make worse and even cause conditions like strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and many other diseases. Digital blood pressure machines are basically meant to detect problems so that the right solution can be found. If you do not have this machine at home, visit a doctor and get checked out; you will have made a wise move no matter whether you feel healthy or not.

Understanding Normal Blood Pressure For Kids

Blood pressure is the pressure that is exerted by the blood on the arteries. It is however certainly very important that in the case of children that you understand that normal blood pressure for kids is not the same as normal blood pressure for adults. This means that you will do well to take help of certain guidelines that help determine what normal blood pressure for kids is and how they differ from that of adults. In other words, as a parent that is worried about their kids blood pressure it is important that you understand how normal blood pressure for kids is different than for adults.

Gender, Age And Height

In fact, normal blood pressure for kids will vary and there are three major reasons why such variation occurs and these reasons are height, gender and age. When it concerns male children the normal blood pressure for kids will be higher than is the case with female children of the same age. Furthermore, normal blood pressure for kids among especially tall children is also sure to be higher than their shorter counterparts even when both types of kids are of the same age.

The average normal blood pressure for kids and female children in particular tends to be less than one hundred and six by sixty eight while for male children these readings are a bit higher. Furthermore, normal blood pressure for kids is the same across racial types and so American, Asian and African children will generally show the same range of normal blood pressure as long as they are of the same age and height as well as gender.

However, children that belong to affluent and well-off families tend to have a problem maintaining normal blood pressure mainly because they tend to eat excessive amounts of junk and processed foods. Such class of children always has easy access to junk and processed foods and as a consequence consumes more of it and so has problems maintaining normal blood pressure for kids.

The best way to ensure normal blood pressure for kids is to ensure that the kids are made to eat healthy foods and they should also be made to perform sufficient amount of exercising. In case, your child is not doing these things then as a concerned parent you need to remedy the situation by overseeing their diet and exercise regimen.

Consulting a blood pressure chart can help you answer a number of important questions related to your blood pressure levels. You can for example find out what normal blood pressure levels for adults are and what is high blood pressure and even what are the normal and abnormal blood pressure ranges.

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